Sunday, June 14, 2009

Unplugging for productivity

Stepcase lifehack has a nice story on how to avoid the continuous electronic distractions: unplug your online life. The idea is generally to step away from the computer and stick to pen-and-paper tools. I don't go to those extremes, but here are some favorites of mine for increasing productivity when working morale is low:
  • close your e-mail program
  • close the office door
  • close all applications you are not using on your computer
  • do one thing offline: keep an offline to-do list and check each task when its done
  • drink high-quality coffee while working
  • do not use the computer mouse - the keyboard keeps your attention at work
Try it out the next time you are noticing that your are sliding away from where focus should be; it helps for me at least!

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