Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Keeping focus - happiness on vacation

Germans are known to be focused and "zielgerichtet". This may very well be true for building cars and exporting chemicals, but they seem to loose focus when travelling, according to Germany's largest newspaper, (article, in German). Germans are, according to Bild, the people who complain the most and let themselves be more annoyed than anyone else by small setups during flights. This seems to me as evidence that the most goal-focused people I know of, tend to forget the true goal when travelling - focusing on destination, your next business meeting, the upcoming vacation, or maybe the beer the stewardess is bringing in a second. Staying focus on what is really important allows you to not care about small things happening. Being annoyed over something that you can't change is only going to hurt yourself. So, as an advice to disgruntled German flyers; set a personal goal for your next flight, use measurements (at least mental ones) to montor progress and when the flight is over, ask yourself: are you happy? Was it a nice trip? I bet it was. Gute Reise, Leute!


  1. what's with the words in german? you expect people to understand that?

  2. Willa Cather:

    That is happiness; to be dissolved into something completely great.Nice Comment!