Saturday, May 23, 2009

Regular maintenance - necessary for a well-functioning machine

All technical people know that maintenenace is important for any machinery. Your vehicle's motor needs oil to run. Your computer needs cleaning up now and then. This is also necessary for human beings to function well. A good maintenence plan should include: 
  • time for work-outs
  • quality time with friends and family
  • time for reflection and intellectual build-up
  • healthy diet
  • time to relax
Today being a Saturday, it is a perfect day to think about these things. If you have (at least one) full-time job, family and still a friend or two, its hard to allocate time for all of these elements into your busy schedule. But if you think about it, why is it so hard? I think it all comes down to goal-setting. Put down reasonable goals that you can be happy with for maintenance too. If work-out means a brisk walk to work or just climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator, that's a start. Of course, real work-outs are better for you, but there is only so much time to allocate, right?

Don't be over-ambitious, but set goals that work for you and make you feel well. Try to be systmatic to make sure your "maintenance plan" doesn't get neglected. Maybe you could even track some numbers (KPI's) to make sure you are behaving according to the plan? Many people do this with diet and workouts, but I think for many of us it would be just as useful to track the number of good books you read, activities with friends and family and the number of hours you sleep per day. If your schedule is packed, thinking systematically about these things is more important than for people with more "free time". Think of relaxing as an activity; then you don't feel the urge to do things all the time! Enjoy your weekend!

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