Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life under control - new blog on self management

People today are often struggling to perform; privately, at work, in the local organizations and even when they are alone. The percieved need to be an achiever can be more than just challenging. Often, people feel bewildered and estranged, often by performance requirements set by themselves. Many of these requirements are unrealistic. Some are not reachable without a good system. When we put down goals that we cannot reach, we feel exhausted, unhappy and out of touch with society. We've all been there. I've been there. However, I've found a trick. Happiness is about systems. We need a system to organize our efforts, much like the systems used to manage companies or to control industrial processes. After all, those are processes seen to be so complex that systematic approaches are strictly necessary. This is obvioiusly true, trying to run a multi-billion-dollar corporation by intuition and no system is a sure way to ruin. But isn't life more complicated than companies are? Isn't life more complicated than industrial machines? I'd say, most definitely. What if we adapt system tools to deal with life's challenges? My experience with the system-based way of self-management has been joyfull and fruitfull. In this blog I let you in on the secret. Who knows? Maybe you will give it a shot and maybe it will make you feel more at ease and more successful. I hope you do. 

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